• Financial aid to hospitals for treatments of poor, and old age homes.
  • Mental well-being workshops for school and college students.
  • Mental well-being and stress relief workshops for Indian Army, Indian Navy, NCC, and all Men & Women in Uniform.


  • Financial facilities for education of needy and poor
  • Donations to schools, colleges for scholarships to deserving students
  • Workshops in schools for spreading value education to students about India’s culture and tradition
  • Workshops for Indian Armed Forces imparting knowledge and awareness about mental health and well being

Current Initiatives

Mental Well-being Workshops for Indian Armed Forces

Indian Armed Forces are our pride. They are committed to safeguarding the nation’s interest round the clock, in the severest and most trying conditions. Every time, when there is a natural calamity or danger from external or internal enemies of the state, the nation has always sought help from the forces and they have always come up triumphant in their line of duty with impeccable sincerity and surgical precision. Given this, their lives are extremely stressful and high pressure as they have to continuously be attentive and “on the job” 24×7, 365 days a year.

‘Mental Well-being Workshop’ is the unique feature of Ekam Satt Mission for Nation. This provides emotional literacy and stress/ conflict management to the audience. The entire initiative is driven directly by the Trust through donations/volunteer support from like minded individuals/corporates who want to join our Mission.


Value Based Education for School and College Students

This is a program of value education and awareness especially produced and conducted for young kids. The program includes techniques to improve concentration of individuals, fun yoga practices for their physical fitness. It also focuses on imparting values of Indian culture and heritage through meaningful music.

Similar program is also curated for college students. The main focus of this program is stress management and stress relief through simple meditation techniques.

Eligible CSR Verticals

This project falls under the following heads of CSR under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 .

Employment enhancing vocational skills

Education & Health (Mental Health)

Projects impacting Armed Forces, widows, veterans, etc.

Next Steps

A comprehensive proposal for Mental Well-being Workshop will be shared with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to reach out to all Men in Uniform. We intend to deliver 50+ workshops in next 2 years across the country and reach out to more 1 Million + Men in Uniform from the Indian Navy, Indian Airforce and Indian Police as part of Mission for Nation outreach. We are keen to spread Mental & Emotional well-being all across India to make it a national movement!

In coming year, atleast 100 schools & colleges will be approched to implement Value Based Education Workshops and impart value education and stress management lessons to as many youth as possible.


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