We are being invited by the respective Army units & various schools to conduct these wellbeing workshops at locations where the forces are posted. The Armed forces and the youth of our country have found a lot of merit through these mental wellbeing workshops that we have put up for them in the last 2 months. We have already impacted over 5000 soldiers through these meditation workshops.

With a cumulative experience of over 15 years in this field, we have been successfully conducting interactive workshops mainly on the following topics focusing on overall Well-being (Mental, Emotional and Social) for Corporates, Educational Institutions, NGOs as well as the Armed forces.

The workshop will revolve around the following topics –

1. Mental health and Well-Being
2. Emotional literacy and relationship management
3. Stress management and meditation

These workshops aim at creating awareness and busting the myths surrounding the field of Mental Health and Interpersonal Relationships which are an important area of concern for the forces as discussed with you.

They introduce the participants to some effective methods of relaxation with practical demonstrations to handle stress, fatigue and relationship issues.

The key feature of these workshops is that they are interactive! They touch upon the important theoretical concepts but with the help of activities and role-plays making the audience participate in the process of learning and giving them experiential knowledge.

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