A Unique Musical Initiative For Defence Forces & The Youth Of Our Country

Given the extensive conflicts and turmoil that individuals come across various spheres of life today, there is an urgent need for people to connect with each other cutting across their religious, social and cultural backgrounds

Ekam Satt – One Truth One Humanity World Music concerts focus on this precise theme that eventually it is a one world family and speaks and demonstrates this belief through performances to match this universal truth

The concert thus showcases the best of Sufi, Folk and Contemporary World Music across different genres of music. It showcases not just the musical styles and patterns of India but also patterns such as reggae, hip hop, opera and others, thereby truly living up to the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Theme

It features the works of legendary poets such as Kabirdas, Mirabai, Guru Nanak Dev, Amir Khusro, gospels from the Bible, Khwaja Garib Nawaz, Buddha, Tukaram, Tulsidas, and others

Strung together along with his 45-member team Ekam Satt – One Truth, One Humanity is a musical treat for music aficionados seeking a meaningful, soothing yet adrenaline pumping experience with foot tapping numbers which has a definite appeal to the global audience as well

Our Journey So Far

On 15th August, 2017 we commenced this unique musical initiative and
performed our first successful concert in Hissar for the Indian Army.


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Creating a wave of compassion and love through specially curated blissful and soul stirring musical concerts for Armed/Defence forces


“It was such a melodious performance! I had actually mentioned to him earlier that one would look forward to hearing you once again. Never did I realize that in less than a year I got to hear him once again. Thanks to the blessings of the divine that I was fortunate to hear him once again. The evening was so melodious that every minute we spend for
the last 90 minutes touched our hearts and could get a real connect to the divine. There were moments when we could feel the patriotism.”

GOC, Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh, Udhampur

“Such a wonderful show has never happened in LEH till now and I wish

Mr. Dabli and his team comes here again and again to perform. This

show has clearly shown his passion and love for the Indian army as well

as the country."

Chief Of Staff, Maj. Gen. MJS Tiwana, HQ 14 Corps, LEH SUB AREA

“I wish Mr. Dabli & his team great luck for the wonderful work they are doing by encouraging the Jawans and the Army officers. You actually took me through a trance where I felt that this show should continue all night and I think that the audience also felt the same. On behalf of the GOC and the entire team I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming here and performing for all of us.."

Dy. GOC, Brig. Navinkumar Goyal, 8MTN DIVISION, Khumbathang

“At the end of this evening show I thought it was just appropriate and right on my part to thank Mr. Ameya Dabli and his fabulous troop who held us spell bound for almost an hour plus of performance which we haven't seen here in Porbandar. We of course are a small town where entertainment comes hard but to have an evening of this kind and the ambience that we have today this evening – “dressed in uniform” and to have such a performance from an individual who believes in what he's singing and is trying to pass it on to others who love that kind of genre of music. I think Mr Ameya it was very kind of you and your team to come here and entertain our troops and us and we wish you the very best in all your future endeavours and we hope that you keep having more and more opportunities in what you're doing and trying to move on in your style of music.”

Rear Admiral Sanjay Roye, Flag Officer Commanding, Gujarat Naval

“Aap Ki Karya-kshamata Kartavya ke Prati Samarpan evam Amulya Seva ke liye - Shabash!!! Well done!!! Extremely honoured to have hosted you amidst us today Mr. Dabli. You now have a friend for life!”

GOC, Maj. Gen. A Arun, Binnaguri

“So thankful to Ameyaji and team for such a wonderful evening of soulful music and wanted this to go on!”

GOC, Maj. Gen. Gajender Singh, Dinjan

Our Believers In This Journey